CO+ sensor

CO+ sensor


The CO+ sensor is a laser based sensor to replace standard O2 measurements, developed by CelSian for the glass industry to optimize combustion settings for higher energy efficiency and lower emission levels.


The sensor measures CO and O2 simultaneously over the complete width of your burner port or flue gas channel. In this way we measure a better representative value for the CO and O2 compared to traditional point measurement devices.
For a high energy efficient combustion process you have to operate the furnace close to the stoichiometric point (perfect mix of fuel and air/oxygen) of combustion. Near the stoichiometric point only CO is a reliable parameter to measure the completeness of the combustion. CO levels in the furnace and regenerators are limited to avoid high refractory corrosion. High energy efficient combustion cannot be achieved safely without measuring CO.
Our sensor has proven to lower the energy consumption of your furnace with 2% or more. On an oxyfuel fired furnace there are additional savings on oxygen. Emissions like NOx and SOx normally drop by 20% when using the CO+ sensor.
Another important impact of this sensor is the increased lifetime of your furnace thanks to optimized and stable combustion.


Energy & CO2 reduction for glass furnaces

Legislations on emissions are getting more stringent throughout the world, with governments requiring energy and CO2 reduction while manufacturers wish to maintain tight cost control when operating their assets. NGOs and customers also require improved CO2 footprint of the glass market. These developments need a professional approach towards the energy efficiency of furnaces.

CelSian uses a step-by-step approach that leads to optimized energy efficient operation of the glass furnace. Furthermore we provide hardware to optimize your combustion efficiency: the CO+ Sensor.


Emission reduction:

Emission reduction normally starts with extensive analysis of your furnace process data. Based on this we provide an advice which can lead to on site measurements or a CFD simulation of your furnace and process to understand the root cause and suggest changes to stay within the required environmental limits.


Furnace lifetime:

Asset optimization and increasing furnace lifetime is getting more and more important as cost effectiveness during the furnace lifetime is becoming of more interest.

With extensive knowledge about furnace designs, glass composition and furnace wear relating to furnace settings, CelSian is able to increase furnace lifetime and decrease maintenance costs already in the design phase or later on during the furnace campaign.


  • Hollow Glass    
  • Tableware Glass    
  • Flat Glass    
  • Glass Moulds    
  • Special Glass    


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