Safety Engineering

Safety Engineering


Functional safety technology for melting furnaces operated at high temperatures.


Safety Engineering

Why functional safety?

When it comes to monitoring a thermal processing plant or melting furnace, there are a number of exacting specifications with regard to equipment and operational safety, functionality and efficiency. Several relevant EC directives and standards must be considered when operating the electric, electronic and mechanical engineering equipment as well as the utility engineering equipment of these plants.

Particularly decisive is Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Trainings and Seminars

Topical Seminar: ”Functional safety technology”

There are a number of demanding specifications with regard to equipment- and operational safety, functionality and operation efficiency, when it comes to the control of a thermal processing plant or melting furnace. It is necessary with the electric, electronic as well as mechanical engineering and utility engineering equipment of these plants to consider a variety of relevant EC directives and standards.

We will also examine how the operator uses our product correctly.


Annual safety validation service

According to the functional safey of any low or high demand system, HORN expects at least one switching cycle per year for each safety function.

To guarantee this functionality, an annual test/maintenance of all safety features must be performed and logged.

If desired for validation and verification purposes, HORN offers a guided safety cooperation and if you want to have HORN specialists for this validation job do not hesitate to contact us.


Safety Life Cycle at HORN

Based on our following departments:

Research & Developement
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Technical Documentation
and the coorperation with the new department HORN Safety Engineering
We guarantee a safety life circle for your furnaces


Evidence & Verification of safety programmable software

Due to the independent and decentralized safety control of the Wieland corporation which fulfills all standards for thermal process plants with no extra licensing costs HORN will be able to communicate with any control system (eg Eurotherm, Siemens, Honeywell, Rockwell, ABB, etc.)



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  • Flat Glass    
  • Hollow Glass    
  • Tableware Glass    
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