Sidewall & Stress Inspection

Sidewall & Stress Inspection

Inspection Systems

Symmetrical 18-camera side wall inspection system

for the inspection of:

  • containers made of clear glass and coloured glass
  • round articles and moulded articles

with an inspection speed of up to 350 containers per minute



  • Detection of all known side wall defects using the shine through method
  • Detection of stress defectsn using polarised light
  • Detection of additional defects in the shoulder and mouth rim area
  • Measuring of height, diameter and axis deviation

Optical features:

  • identical optical conditions for each camera due to the symmetrical structure
  • available with 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, or 18 industrial CCD cameras
  • high light output, low energy consumption, long lifetime, no incident light effects and best optical conditions due to LED flash illumination
  • full image matrix

Inspections characteristics:

  • Minimum detectable defect size down to 0.2 mm depending on article size
  • Differentiation between mould seams and real defects
  • Differentiation between shadows and real defects
  • Inspection independent from changing light conditions and glass colours

Operation and evaluation:

  • The defect size can be set via parameters for OK-NOK-determination
  • Inspection parameters can be changed during running automatic mode
  • The operator can individually set all parameters
  • Several zones with different inspection criteria can be set for the side wall area
  • The tolerance limits can be set for dimension measuring
  • Multiple statistic evaluations available
  • Settings to each article can be saved individually

On-site installation, operation, service:

  • Simple connection to an existing conveying belt within only one hour
  • Supply also with own conveying belt and discharge unit
  • Connection to different line control systems and different data acquisition systems possible
  • Self-test functions are installed
  • Image evaluation with commercially available hardware


Technical data:

  • Individual door design for an adaptation to the space conditions (swing doors, horizontal sliding doors, vertical sliding doors)
  • Machine dimensions: 2,100 x 1,050 x 1,900 mm (W x D x H)

  • Hollow Glass    


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